Infinitul interpretarilor reflecta Adevarul absolut.
Constientizarea, iubirea si gandul invesmanteaza Calea.
Spiritul este Dumnezeire, el defineste Vesnicia creatoare.

ab ore ad aurem

miercuri, 31 martie 2010

The English Lesson

I have a pencil.
My pencil is big and pink.
I love pink color. Pink is the color of future, and future has just begone. 
Though I descended the many steps leading to the past, the present keeps me running away from itself,  indulging the times that come to be followed instantly. 
Actually I have a brown and silver pen. Do not use pencils anymore, exempt for when I'm drawing desire. or when my mind is dreaming. 
As a child, I felt coquetting with philosophy easier than talking with girls. Understanding the logic of life was subversive, although little princesses were as well seditious. Therefore, I first asked my mother about life in its essence, and just after that I wrote my first love letter. 
So, "Why do we still get born if eventually we're going to die?" came before "Dear Nicoleta, my monkey  hurts for you". She did not receive the letter, nor my question received any reliable answer.  
Years shuddered, life proved to be intractable or desirable. 
And the present I find it to be amusing, inspiring and magical. Clutched at challenge, amazed by spirit and guided by angels. 
And that is the way it should be. 
When it comes to it.

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